mikey scars

kovu in jeopardy

So I was looking through some old facebook messages I sent to people and I honestly am distraught about how much I have changed. I think throughtout most if not all of my high school “career” I was putting on a much different person than who I was. Like idk I feel in some ways I have changed for the better like in fighting or even feeling the need to fight but I feel like I have put on a much “sapier” or lack of a better word gayer version of myself. Like not homosexual but like you know the commercials with wanda sykes when the boys would be like thats gay then she would be like dont so gay, that kindof “gay”. I kind of feel that is partially due to the “trauma” I experienced late my 8th grade year and also due to the fact that I’m a fucking mutant named darwin that adapts to survive and my subconcious probably felt the need to “hide” the real me to coincide with my school population but yeah….urgh I was such a real ass nigga what happened to me I’m such a fucking sap now


whenever i see carter and her father together. i keep thinking of that meme from bgc that is like i thought there was 1 fake bitch in the house and turns out there are two. 

This is funny af